Discover the power
of wild Mānuka.

Commit to a healthier life with ethically harvested Mānuka products from New Zealand's extraordinary super plant.

What is Mānuka?
What is Mānuka?

Flourish with nature's original super plant.

The heart and home of our business is in the remote, untouched East Cape of New Zealand, where the world's most potent Mānuka trees (leptospermum scoparium) grow and thrive in their native environment. Produced by bees foraging on Mānuka trees that blossom for only a few weeks every year, our Mānuka honey is one of the most unique, rare, and beneficial natural products in the world.

Melora Benefits
Mānuka Benefits

A little bit of magic.
A whole lot of good.

Natural alternative treatments have become especially important due to the indiscriminate use of broad spectrum antibiotics—resulting in drug-resistant microbes that are extremely difficult to treat and cure. Over the last 20 years, a range of scientific studies have been done to understand what makes Mānuka such a natural powerhouse and how it can help the body inside and out.

  • Natural anti-inflammatory with 16 phenolic compounds that protect against oxidative damage.[1]
  • High in hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal that help the body’s immune system fight bacteria.[2]
  • Effective antimicrobial agent to help with a range of topical bacteria[3]
  • Helps inhibit common stomach bacterias like H.Pylori that can cause digestion problems and stomach irritation[4]
Melora New Zealand
About Melora

Wild grown, but sourced from home.

At Melora, we have worked hard to be the first Mānuka honey providers with both Non-GMO project and UMF® certification so you can trust the purity, potency and origin of our products. We developed an industry-leading Fair Share profit partnership with local Māori landowners, and have even developed our own bee food to care for our hardest workers and give them a super-nutrient boost during our cold winters.

  • Trusted origin from the original New Zealand super plant
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Independently certified for authenticity and quality
  • Assures purity and quality
  • Proven plant origin and potency
  • Certified Non-GMO Project
  • Certified by UMF(R) Honey Association
Our History

Our heritage. Your health.

Meet Melora

A Traditional Healer

Knowledge of Māori rongoa (medicine) was maintained by the healers and passed on from generation to generation. The Mānuka plant was used for burns, skin complaints, and even as a mouthwash. The introduction of the honey bee to New Zealand in the 1800s showed a whole new way to get the benefits of Mānuka through the nectar and honey. Growing wild in forests and hillsides, the Mānuka plant is only now emerging into modern life as a powerful natural remedy.

Meet Melora

Earth, Mother, and the Mountain

In Māori culture Papatuanuku is the primal Earth Mother (mother of life), while Ranginui (the sky) is the father; a union from which all life was started. The mountain is a landmark which connects genealogy of Māori to a specific area of New Zealand through birth. The East Cape Mountains on our honey jars are representative of the heart and home of Melora and where we are building communities for good.

Meet Melora

Our Founder's Story

In the early 1990s, our founders Phil & Sharan Caskey had a vision to help the traditional Māori knowledge of the Mānuka plant become recognized as a key resource for world health. Working alongside Professor Peter Molan from the University of Waikato and a medical device company in the UK, Phil co-created and registered the first mānuka honey wound care medical device in the world. His passion for championing innovation, research and sustainability for the whole manuka industry has driven him for over 20 years, and now we bring Melora to you.

Our Purpose & Values

Caring for nature, while it cares for you.

We’re deeply committed to our community, the quality of our products, and environmental sustainability, and are leaders in the New Zealand manuka industry in ensuring a sustainable future.

Promote Natural Remedies

Used for centuries in traditional medicine, Mānuka is a super plant that can help you live well inside and out.

Care for Our Land

Our trees grow in an untouched paradise—hives are helicoptered in and left in peace for the season to reduce interference and environmental impact.

Create Fair Share Partnerships

Our landowners are true partners working as caretakers for their remote land and manuka trees, and we respect this by creating fair share partnerships so the profit and benefits are shared for the benefit of all.

Build Communities for Good

We provide jobs, education, training, and community donations to help preserve the land, culture, and communities of our landowners.

Quality you can trust.
Meet Melora

A Gradient of Color

Because our honey is pure and unpasteurized, there are natural variations in the rich golden color depending on which hive our honey has been collected from. Have no fear—this is due to the natural variation in the nectar that the bees collect from the Mānuka tree over the short flowering season.

Meet Melora

Care from Hive to Jar

We track, trace, and monitor every ounce of manuka honey we produce. Our beekeepers check all our hives regularly, checking temperature, bee health and making sure that our smallest workers who produce the rare manuka honey, are all happy and healthy. It takes bees up to 4 months to produce a hive full of manuka honey, so this precious honey is to be treasured.